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Coaching YOUR Strengths

  • Stop feeling overwhelmed and anxious.
  • Understand your brain-wired strengths and use them to your advantage to complete tasks.
  • Get unstuck in a project's 'messy mi... Keep Reading

Hi, I'm DeShawn,

  • I’m known for my straightforward approach to getting things done.
  • As a trained coach with decades of experience, I give individuals brained-based, playful ways ... Keep Reading

Barely Hanging On?

You can THRIVE! I struggled with my personal and work limitations for years before I learned to leverage my brain-based strengths and tailor my approach to tami... Keep Reading

Coaching Services

Time Grip Master Class

Unlock your potential with the Time Grip Master Class! This isn't your typical time management program. In just four self-paced hours, you'll learn how to balance your many responsibilities while carving out time for your passions and self-care. Our course includes four one-hour recorded Zoom sessions, a comprehensive workbook, and exclusive access to our private Facebook Accountability & Encouragement Page.


S. M.

The Illusions of Busyness slide in the Time Grip presentation really got to me. I do all those things and my eyes are opened! ~SM

L. D.

After working with DeShawn, I now have the awareness, skills, and tools I need for those ideas and goals I used to worry I never got working on. ~LD