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Time Grip Group Coaching -30 Days

Time Grip Group Coaching -30 Days

Find Your Balance. Fuel Your Passions. Thrive.

Who is this group program for?

This is for those of us who have a plate loaded with responsibilities but also find ourselves longing for more, like starting a passion project or just finding some time for self-care for our health. In four weeks, I guide you through a journey with other like-minded individuals to overhaul your current relationship with time and help you design a life more aligned with your intentions and goals. Not a cookie-cutter program ~ just a chance to systematically self-discover and design a more aligned and intention-filled calendar to bring more meaning to your life while getting your tasks off the to-do list.

I designed this 4-week Mastermind to help you create time for passion projects while balancing responsibilities. With a group of 20 motivated individuals, we'll have weekly 1-hour sessions to guide your self-discovery through designing an actionable schedule. The structure includes weekly topic emails and Facebook accountability to support you in building a lifestyle that makes time for both passion and responsibilities.

Week 1: Take Stock & Get A Grip

  • Topic: Understanding How You Currently Spend Time
  • Activity: Complete a detailed time audit for 1 week, analyzing how much time is spent on key categories (work, family, leisure, etc.)

Week 2: Higher Clarity = Lower Procrastivity

  • Topics: Looking at Competing Demands and the lack of clarity that drives our procrastivity.
  • Activity: Time Audit for a week with an emphasis on noting where and what competing demands are showing up.

Week 3: Soul Searching with Intentional Imbalance & Saying No

  • Topics: Saying “No” Gently and Making Room for New Intentions
  • Activity: Time Audits for a week noting where schedule changes may occur and identifying obligations to “take off the plate” going forward including learning to say no and mean it.

Week 4: Staying Proactive in a Reactive World

  • Topics: Four questions to ask yourself to stay more proactive during chaotic times.
  • Activity: Armed with knowledge from the Time Audits over the month and topics discussed, each of us will create a template and design a weekly action plan for productivity to get our needs, passions, and responsibilities met.

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You know what I find fascinating? It's our differences

~ especially those of us who can be a little off-center trying to function and find fulfillment in the mainstream world. This world values efficiency and productivity, which can require productivity techniques and hacks that some of us find 

too mundane and soul-crushing, if not impossible to follow.

For me, I've found I can't follow mainstream productivity tools and hacks. I've had to learn to drive my brain, use its quirks and creativity to feel seen, make contributions to the world, and enjoy both work and home.

I like working with smart people who are ready to dump conventional productivity techniques to learn their true personal productivity by understanding how to drive their brains and discover their unique strengths to redesign their days with systems that complement them.

Let's start exploring together!