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60-Day Personal Productivity Wrangling with DeShawn

60-Day Personal Productivity Wrangling with DeShawn

I know the value of having on-demand coaching and accountability for developing the life you want and reaching your goals. My brain-based coaching sessions help you build sustainability for your full life without killing you! Book a 15-minute chat with DeShawn and discuss the project in mind to accomplish so I can help determine the best coaching plan that makes sense for your goals.

DeShawn's coaching provides you with clarity around a major project you want off your to-do list. She tailors eight weekly individual coaching sessions to you. Additionally, you will have access to my weekly online Extra Hour implementation session, and you and I will build weekly accountability text check-ins based on weekly discussions to ensure success. 

When you invest in these 60 days with DeShawn, you develop the knowledge of your systems, power over indecision, and confidence to complete your projects timely with less stress.

You are just 60 days from a growing awareness of your productivity strengths and how to wrangle them to your advantage– you won't regret it!

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You know what I find fascinating? It's our differences

~ especially those of us who can be a little off-center trying to function and find fulfillment in the mainstream world. This world values efficiency and productivity, which can require productivity techniques and hacks that some of us find 

too mundane and soul-crushing, if not impossible to follow.

For me, I've found I can't follow mainstream productivity tools and hacks. I've had to learn to drive my brain, use its quirks and creativity to feel seen, make contributions to the world, and enjoy both work and home.

I like working with smart people who are ready to dump conventional productivity techniques to learn their true personal productivity by understanding how to drive their brains and discover their unique strengths to redesign their days with systems that complement them.

Let's start exploring together!