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From Glimmer to Guiding Light: My Calling Found Me

From Glimmer to Guiding Light: My Calling Found Me

I close my eyes and drift back to 1975, sitting attentively in history class. I envision my younger self - gold-rimmed glasses, polyester knit pants, and polished shoes. As our teacher speaks about think tanks, something ignites within me. I envision people coming together, setting egos aside, and collaborating creatively to drive positive change. The power of each of us adding our goodness and the multiplication of that goodness, it creates a positive symmetry.

In that moment, I just know in my soul that I’m destined to do something big that makes lives brighter. I tuck this spark away in my heart, trusting one day it will catch flame.

Over the years this ember pulsed inside even through confusion and pressure. I became the first heading to college in my family, expanding my horizons yet carrying impossible expectations. After earning several degrees, I taught twenty rewarding years, believing that experience would inform my work in administration and would positively impact my community.

But there I faced barriers - disillusioned, drained, darkened. Colleagues maneuvered maliciously, prioritizing self over service. Disempowerment dampened my once-fiery drive.

Yet from this darkness, glimpses of light emerged. In stillness, truth crystallized - my yearning to help hadn’t left but merely lost its way. Now, with compassion for myself and others, I nurtured my long-dormant dreams.

My gifts found homes in coaching, collaborating, and problem-solving - fanning my passions’ flames. Leading with empathy and insight, I used self-discovery to focus on one key area I thought would make my life easier: personal productivity.

Appreciating my beautifully unique operating system felt revolutionary. The difference morphed from a deficit into a gift. An image of a Prism captured by light, transforms it into a spectrum of colors to reveal hidden beauty.

My soul could finally breathe as I moved from self-blame to self-care. What actions did I take that illuminated this journey? Time audits revealed my ping-pong focus exhausted me. Tight schedules spotlighted unnecessary obligations. Stalled projects pointed to places where I lacked systems supporting my wiring. As I designed personalized planning methods, productivity became peaceful, not punishing!

Now, I empower women and men to fully embrace their innate brilliance, too! I champion releasing one-size-fits-all tactics as we co-design roadmaps matching their magnificence. Witnessing them blossom into purposeful, fulfilled versions of themselves is pure joy.

Every time I see someone transform fear into freedom, confusion into clarity, I witness firsthand the power of embracing our collective unique potential. My heart beams knowing together we can build communities coloring outside lines, uplifting those once unseen.

Just like my young pigtailed self glimpsed years ago before life clouded my sight line, my choice of vision and voice, with open hands and hearts, I would support myself and others to find our way back to our genuine selves. And this still Glimmer still lights my way today.

My origin story started in 1964 and has taken years to spark and grow. As I grew in understanding and learned from my mistakes, I crafted my life nearer to that spark once I prioritized its importance in my life and the prism of colors that ignited from that vision in a fifth-grade classroom changed my life to the positive. To coach is my dream version of a think tank with each client, making the world a better place for them, and allowing the illumination of their light in the world, too. Such perfect symmetry!

DeShawn Wert teaches intelligent, motivated professionals how to get stuff done so they CAN relax and enjoy the fruits of their labor! Let's explore how you do your best work together. An Ericson-trained life coach and JTS Coaching-trained ADHD coach, DeShawn is a member of good standing in the ADHD Coaches Organization. She's contributed to several books on living with ADHD, including Dr. Dale Archer's book, The ADHD Advantage, and Laurie Dupar's series called More Ways to Succeed with ADHD.

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You know what I find fascinating? It's our differences

~ especially those of us who can be a little off-center trying to function and find fulfillment in the mainstream world. This world values efficiency and productivity, which can require productivity techniques and hacks that some of us find 

too mundane and soul-crushing, if not impossible to follow.

For me, I've found I can't follow mainstream productivity tools and hacks. I've had to learn to drive my brain, use its quirks and creativity to feel seen, make contributions to the world, and enjoy both work and home.

I like working with smart people who are ready to dump conventional productivity techniques to learn their true personal productivity by understanding how to drive their brains and discover their unique strengths to redesign their days with systems that complement them.

Let's start exploring together!