Mapping Chaos to Clarity: A Journey Through Time & Productivity

Mapping Chaos to Clarity: A Journey Through Time & Productivity

In my youth, I treated time as an inexhaustible resource to be squandered. My productivity strategy was simply to work harder and longer - an exercise in brute force over wisdom. I would toil away at my tasks with a machismo mindset that more hours equaled more output. But this one-dimensional approach was unsustainable and deeply flawed. It left me depleted, sacrificing my health and relationships on the altar of frenetic busyness.

As responsibilities mounted with a growing family, I made a marginal improvement by adopting a simplistic to-do list approach. While better than my prior haphazard ways, this still reflected a short-sighted, reactive stance. I was a leaf blown about by the winds of other people's priorities rather than strategically directing my precious life energies.

Then came the enlightenment – the epiphany that time is not just a commodity; it's the rarest gem in the cosmic jewelry store. I had to treat it with the reverence it deserved. So, I switched gears. No longer was I a hapless victim of the clock's tyranny; I became the master of my own temporal destiny.

But here's the kicker: it wasn't just about being efficient or checking off tasks. It was about understanding what truly lit a fire in my soul, what made my heart sing with joy. I had to get crystal clear on what mattered not just to society, not just to my boss or my family, but to me, deep down in the core of my being.

I became a ruthless prioritizer, yes, but not in the cutthroat, corporate sense. It was more like a gardener tending to their most cherished blooms, delicately nurturing the flowers of my passions and dreams. I hacked away at the overgrown jungle of obligations, not just to make more room for work, but to make space for self-satisfaction, for fulfillment, for the things that truly made life worth living.

I went from being time's punching bag to its dance partner – twirling around the ballroom of life with grace and purpose, guided not just by the ticking of the clock, but by the beat of my own heart. And you know what? It made all the difference.

Curious to see where you are in assessing your relationship with time? You're in luck! Check our my Relationship with Time Rubic and let me know where you are in your journey. Need help getting to the next level? Fill out the contact form and I can invite you to my next group coaching class. Details are found here .


Rubric: Assessing Your Relationship with Time

Level 1: Squandering Time

Description: Time is perceived as an inexhaustible resource. Productivity is measured by the quantity of hours spent working.


  - Relies on brute force and long hours.

  - Sacrifices personal well-being and relationships for work.

  - Lacks strategic direction and intentionality in time management.

Level 2: Reactive Time Management

Description: Time is managed reactively through to-do lists and responding to external demands.

- Characteristics:

  - Relies on simplistic to-do lists for task management.

  - Prioritizes tasks based on external pressures rather than personal values.

  - Lacks long-term vision and purpose in time allocation.

Level 3: Mastery of Time

Description: Time is recognized as a precious, non-renewable commodity. Focus shifts towards intentional time management and self-awareness.

- Characteristics:

  - Views time as a valuable resource to be managed with care and intentionality.

  - Identifies personal values and passions to guide time allocation.

  - Prioritizes tasks and commitments based on alignment with personal values and long-term goals.

Level 4: Strategic Time Stewardship

Description: Time is managed strategically, with a deep understanding of personal priorities and fulfillment.

- Characteristics:

  - Prioritizes tasks and commitments based on their significance to personal values and life purpose.

  - Actively guards boundaries to protect time for activities that bring fulfillment and satisfaction.

  - Views time management as a means to live a purpose-driven and fulfilling life.

Level 5: Mastery of Self and Time

Description: Achieves mastery over time through alignment with personal values and fulfillment.

- Characteristics:

  - Integrates time management with self-awareness and self-fulfillment.

  - Achieves balance between productivity and personal well-being.

  - Maximizes time for activities that bring deep satisfaction and contribute to a meaningful life.


This rubric provides a framework for assessing one's relationship with time and offers a pathway for growth towards more intentional and fulfilling time management practices. 

DeShawn Wert teaches intelligent, motivated professional moms how to get stuff done so they CAN relax and enjoy the fruits of their labor! Let's explore how you do your best work together. An Ericson-trained life coach and JTS Coaching-trained ADHD coach, DeShawn is a member of good standing in the ADHD Coaches Organization. She's contributed to several books on living with ADHD, including Dr. Dale Archer's book, The ADHD Advantage, and Laurie Dupar's series called More Ways to Succeed with ADHD.

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You know what I find fascinating? It's our differences

~ especially those of us who can be a little off-center trying to function and find fulfillment in the mainstream world. This world values efficiency and productivity, which can require productivity techniques and hacks that some of us find 

too mundane and soul-crushing, if not impossible to follow.

For me, I've found I can't follow mainstream productivity tools and hacks. I've had to learn to drive my brain, use its quirks and creativity to feel seen, make contributions to the world, and enjoy both work and home.

I like working with smart people who are ready to dump conventional productivity techniques to learn their true personal productivity by understanding how to drive their brains and discover their unique strengths to redesign their days with systems that complement them.

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