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Whimsy Sparks Perspective Shifts: Time to Reconsider

Whimsy Sparks Perspective Shifts: Time to Reconsider

Indulge me for a moment. I've hit the big 6-0, and while it's a hefty number, let's not forget, I'll never be younger than I am right now. Now. Now.

But I digress.

Contemplating this milestone, and given that one of the most effective problem-solving methods involves a dash of whimsy, I've brewed up 60 truths seasoned with a bit of whimsy and a tongue-in-cheek twist. Why? To gain an alternate view of those unhelpful thoughts we need to dump.

So, let's sprinkle a little whimsy on those difficult moments, shall we? Time to reconsider or drop them from our to-do lists altogether.

1. Leaping into decisions faster than a cat chasing a laser pointer—because who doesn't want to embrace life with feline enthusiasm?

2. Giving yourself a harder time than a math problem on a rollercoaster—because who said life's equations can't have a few twists?

3. Trying to control every detail like you're the director of a squirrel orchestra—because orchestras are so last season; let the squirrels shine!

4. Whispering behind people's backs like a dramatic soap opera narrator—because life's too short not to add a touch of drama!

5. Bottling up frustration until it erupts like a soda can after a vigorous shake—because explosive refreshment is the best kind!

6. Feeling jealous for no good reason—because really, who needs a unicorn horn? Unicorns, perhaps, but not you!

7. Comparing yourself to others in a negative way, as if life were a sitcom with a laugh track—because laughter is the best background soundtrack!

8. Doing busywork that matters less than a snowman's sunscreen—because even snowmen need to protect their frosty glow.

9. Letting the fear of the unknown hold you back from cool risks, like wearing mismatched socks on purpose—because embracing odd socks is a fashion risk worth taking.

10. Stuffing your schedule so full that you're busier than a caffeinated hummingbird at a flower festival—because who doesn't want a front-row seat to the hummingbird hustle?

11. Sticking around in toxic relationships that mess with your happiness more than a grumpy cat without its nap—because cats know the importance of a good nap.

12. Trying to multitask and ending up more scattered than confetti in a windstorm—because confetti chaos is a party for one.

13. Putting work before your health, relationships, and the joy of discovering a new dance move—because who needs a dull dance floor?

14. Nitpicking every little flaw like you're on a microscopic treasure hunt—because the smallest treasures are often the most precious.

15. Stressing out ahead of time about things that might not happen, like worrying about your toaster plotting world domination—because even toasters dream big.

16. Avoiding important talks because they're as uncomfortable as a porcupine in a balloon factory—because nothing says "awkward" like balloons and porcupines.

17. Constantly checking your phone or screens, even when they're less exciting than watching paint dry—because drying paint is the ultimate thriller.

18. Acting like an expert when you're not really qualified—basically, pretending you're the master of interpretive underwater basket weaving—because why not master the art of wet wicker?

19. Having super strict plans for the future as if life were a perfectly scripted sitcom—because sitcoms are known for their predictability.

20. Chasing after perfection like a dog chasing its tail—you might catch it, but what's the point?—because tails are meant to be wagged, not caught.

21. Discriminating against groups or perspectives as if your opinion is the only flavor at the ice cream parlor—because life is too short for a single scoop.

22. Putting off goals that speak to your inner purpose more than a motivational cat poster—because cats are the ultimate life coaches.

23. Making assumptions faster than a fortune teller at a speed-dating event—because predicting love in a flash is a true skill.

24. Changing how you act just to please others—because who needs to be a chameleon when you can be a flamingo? Flamingos stand out.

25. Seeing situations as either all good or all bad, like a polar bear in a snowstorm—because polar bears are pros at navigating both extremes.

26. Only thinking about far-off goals instead of enjoying the journey right now, like a giraffe fixated on the horizon—because giraffes have long necks for a reason: to appreciate the view.

27. Taking on vague responsibilities because guilt is a trickier magician than a rabbit in a top hat—because every magician needs a few tricks up their sleeve.

28. Practicing zingers to put people down, even if they're as cool as a cucumber in sunglasses—because cucumbers can be quite chill.

29. Being super negative without any real reason, like a raincloud at a beach party—because a beach party needs a splash of unexpected rain.

30. Thinking everything has to be all or nothing, like choosing between pizza and ice cream when you can have both—because why settle for one when you can have a buffet?

31. Planning vaguely without doing anything about it, because life is not a game of "Pin the Tail on the Mystery Plan"—because blindfolded planning adds an element of surprise.

32. Getting lost in distractions every single day—because let's face it, squirrels are the ultimate distraction, and they're everywhere.

33. Making harsh comments without any empathy, as if kindness were an endangered species—because kindness deserves to be protected.

34. Spreading gossip that might not even be true, like a game of telephone with an octopus—because eight arms are better than one, especially in gossip.

35. Hiding behind a positive attitude to excuse bad behavior, because rainbows and unicorns don't work as a get-out-of-jail-free card—because even rainbows have their limits.

36. Making speeches all about you instead of the community—because who needs a one-man band when you can have a symphony? Symphonies are more fun.

37. Sticking to small talk instead of getting real and connecting, like chatting about the weather in a rocket ship—because deep conversations are the real rocket fuel.

38. Being cynical to protect yourself from being hopeful, as if hope were a contagious giggle—because giggles are contagious for a reason.

39. Thinking any compromise means giving up your values, like confusing salad with an alien invasion—because salad and aliens have more in common than you think.

40. Seeing limited resources as a reason to give up, not as an opportunity to build a fort out of creativity—because creativity can turn limitations into fortresses.

41. Dismissing different perspectives just because they're different—because who needs a spice cabinet with only one flavor? Spice up life.

42. Going for safety instead of taking risks with a conscience, like wearing a helmet while walking a tightrope over a ball pit—because safety is a priority, even in the circus.

43. Mixing up luck or privilege with being a good person, as if kindness were a lucky charm—because kindness is the real charm.

44. Laughing off ideas that challenge the norm, because why not ride a unicycle to the grocery store?—because grocery shopping deserves a little circus act.

45. Acting super sure about unpredictable things, like predicting the weather with a magic eight ball—because predicting the future is an art form.

46. Thinking having influence automatically makes you wise—because having a loudspeaker doesn't mean you're a genius—sometimes, it just means you have a loud voice.

47. Mocking things you haven't even tried to understand, like making fun of a dance you've never attempted—because dancing takes practice, but mocking takes nothing.

48. Hoarding more stuff than you really need, as if your closet were auditioning for a reality TV show—because closets can have star power too.

49. Making bad choices and calling them quirks, because why not embrace the quirkiness?—because quirks make life interesting.

50. Resisting changes that could make things better, like trying to stop the seasons from changing—because change is the only constant.

51. Waiting for leaders when you could be one yourself—because who says penguins can't lead a parade? Penguins are natural leaders.

52. Being cynical but pretending it's just wisdom, like a wise owl with a sense of humor—because even owls need a laugh.

53. Thinking compromise is always a sign of weakness, because finding common ground is like doing the cha-cha—it takes two—because cha-cha is a dance of collaboration.

54. Ignoring science when it doesn't fit your views, as if gravity were just a suggestion—because gravity is the real deal.

55. Praising wealth at the expense of the common good, because money can't buy happiness but it can buy tacos—because tacos are happiness.

56. Glorifying history without acknowledging its ugly parts—because even dinosaurs had bad hair days—because history had its share of messy moments.

57. Believing cruelty is just the way it is for vulnerable folks, like thinking porcupines are just hedgehogs with attitude—because attitude is a porcupine's superpower.

58. Applauding silence in the face of injustice, because sometimes silence is the best way to hear a tree falling in the forest—because even trees deserve an audience.

59. Pretending to care just to ease your guilt, because even a robot can shed a tear—because robots have feelings too.

60. Saying "yes" so much that you forget about your own needs—because who needs a personal spaceship when you're juggling too many asteroids? Juggling asteroids is an interstellar talent.

The bottom line is irony lies in addressing profound topics—decision-making, self-criticism, control, and more—through the lens of humor and whimsy. It's an invitation to take a step back, laugh at life's quirks, and perhaps find a lighter path to personal growth and self-discovery.

DeShawn Wert teaches intelligent, motivated professionals how to get stuff done so they CAN relax and enjoy the fruits of their labor! Let's explore how you do your best work together. An Ericson-trained life coach and JTS Coaching-trained ADHD coach, DeShawn is a member of good standing in the ADHD Coaches Organization. She's contributed to several books on living with ADHD, including Dr. Dale Archer's book, The ADHD Advantage, and Laurie Dupar's series called More Ways to Succeed with ADHD.

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